Have used Moom before and then used cheaper salon waxes but they just do not give a smooth and clean result as Moom.

 Mr F. Westcliffe-on-sea


I just bought Moom for Men and have to say: This product is out of this word, absolutely GREAT, I never thought I can do it myself and virtually painless ...and I really mean that

Thanks  Guys xx

Mr P Mac


I am just writing to thank you for your wonderful service and for a really amazing product. I have suffered for years with ingrown hairs, which shaving only aggravated. I have had my legs waxed professionally which was quite painful, expensive and left me with awful blotchy legs (the plucked chicken look is not very attractive).

I have tried wax strips (useless) and an at home salon kit which left me covered in what seemed liked superglue and didn't take the hair off.

After seeing an advert in a magazine I purchased a jar of this and was very pleased it arrived so quickly and that is actually works! I have hardly any ingrown hairs now and when using moom I have much less hair regrowth. 

No hair removal system that rips hair out by the roots will ever be without some discomfort, but I was suprised at how less uncomfortable it was compared with wax. I had no blotchy legs, it washed off without soap and removed every single hair, leaving none of the product behind.

I love moom and will never use anything else. 

Mrs S. from Newport Pagnell


Dear Moom,   I was recommended this product by my younger cousin.

This is FANTASTIC, i am going to spread the word even although i'd actually

love to keep this a secret. This is something i would encourage my daughter to

use when she starts hair removal, it has made my skin softer and its

so easy to do. Thank You.  

Mrs. R. Kelso, Scotland.

Used product before - it's amazing!

Mrs. P. Bideford

Bought first Moom product from QVC, loved it!

Miss K. Ayrshire

What was your reason for buying?:

              Quite simple - Moom is the best on the market!

Mr. C. Putney

We find this an excellent product that really does what it claims. Congratulations and thank you.

Mrs. G. Newcastle

Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous response,

which reflects very well on your organisation, especially in

these day of casualisation in customer treatment

Kind Regards

Mr. D. Emsworth


My heart sank when I opened the pack of Moom Organic 100% Natural Hair Remover with Lavender

that I had received following Moom products being featured in my most recent edition of Saga, and I

realised that it involved a waxing process. I have psoriasis and have had problems with removing facial

hair with other products including waxing because my skin reacts badly.I groaned further as I realised

that the nuisance hair was not long enough and that I’d have to wait for 14 days or so, to test Moom.

I was convinced it would prove to be a waste of money. I tried Moom yesterday – you will guess

by now that I was very sceptical indeed. Having given it a go I was elated and felt compelled to pick

up the phone and tell Moom how wrong my scepticism was and how amazed I am at the results.

 For the first time in goodness knows how many years, I have had no adverse reaction whatsoever

when using a facial hair remover. I went out yesterday within 20 minutes of using your product my

head held high knowingthat people would not look at me and be able to guess what I had been

doing because of the state of my upper lip – we women are SO vain (even unattractive ones like me!)

Thank you so much

Mrs. H. Bedford


Used many other hair removal products and Moom came up tops for me

Miss P.Beckenham

Dear  Susannah and the team

I received my order this morning - prompt delivery - again ! 

Great service - again ! Keep up the good work......Kind Regards LS


I have exceptionally sensitive skin, with hair follicles which become easily infected..

(one in 50 million and it had to be me).  After trying waxing twice and having reactions

each time, the doctor told me to remain hairy (?! - er I dont think so)

anyway I digress.. I would just like to say thank you so very very much to

Moom I have at last found a product that doesn't upset my skin or hair follicles,

I dont fear and dread the thought of hair removal, nor do I look like a

plucked chicken and feel like I have had an appointment with a brandishing iron.

Its definitely the best item out there for hair removal, and I couldn't recommend it enough.

So I just wanted to say thank you (in amongst all the rambling). - DH

I'd love others like me or even people with any kind of doubt to find out about Moom,

because it really has change hair removal for me. I'm so glad I found it, tried it, and I hope others do too.


I have been using this wax for a couple of months now and it's incredible!

You don't need to use as much as other waxing products, and it is very gentle on the skin.

I have very sensitive skin and it leaves my legs feeling soft and not red in the slightest.

Definitely one to try! — Lisa, Bristol.


What was your reason for buying?:

              used before - fantastic product plus peace of mind that it contains no chemicals

Mrs. D. Norwich


What was your reason for buying?:

              wanted a product easy to use and this works far better than others have tried

Mrs L. Fleetwood



What was your reason for buying?:

              I really like the product

Ms. W. Acton


What was your reason for buying?:

              Previously used product & V impressed

Mrs H. Tamworth


What was your reason for buying?:

              I bought some to try and now I am hooked!

Mrs W. Croydon


What was your reason for buying?:

              excellent product

Mr. H. Treorchy


How did you find our site?:

              always use moom


Thank you so much my order arrived this morning and it has already worked wonders!!!!!!!

Thank you so much

Rachel :o)


Easy and doesn’t  hurt

Mrs. S. Stevenage


Brilliant to use instead of waxing!

Miss L. Kent


 Great products, reasonably priced & postage not extortionate. Like it!  :-)

Miss A. from Yorkshire


I bought the starter kit and became hooked!

Miss G. London N8


Animal friendly/ beauty without cruelty approved, recommended by Moom consumer

Mrs. D. from Kent


It's the best hair removal product for men i've ever tried, & i'm also trying to convert my wife

so i've bought her some too!!! Mr. H. from Streatham, Surrey.


Less Pain

Miss L. Sydenham


like the product

Mr. B. Glasgow 



Mr. M Isle of Lewis


Best form of hair removal

Miss O. Liverpool


fed up of paying for expensive salon waxing

Mrs. C. Nottingham


Very good product

Mrs. K Annan


What was your reason for buying?:

              Cos it does exactly what it says it will - Its Brilliant!

Mrs. D. Cheltenham


What was your reason for buying?:

              product is best i've used

Mrs. H. London SW11


What was your reason for buying?:

              Happy from previous purchase

Mr. V. Huntingdon



What was your reason for buying?:

              Tried the product and loved it

Miss C. Leicester


What was your reason for buying?:

              excellent product

How did you find our site?:

              always use moom

Miss J. Treorchy